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We each have our own blog but share the link... "On Traq" is Quinton's and Trace Angel is... Tracey's!!! We are parents of 3 lively kids who provide hours of entertainment and anecdotes. Quinton owns Samtraq Motor World which is a mechanical workshop in Waterfall, and Tracey spends most of her time languishing beside a river in Egypt!! Actually, Tracey works at Hillcrest Toyota as Receptionist and after hours is a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So many words... so little time

I have been offline for about 3 months. This is a tad frustrating! Anyway, here I am, have soooo much to say, but running short of many things. One is brain capacity as I have had a migraine for the last 3 days. This is not fun! I am a receptionist, this requires me to be happy... all day... this is rather difficult when i feel like my brain wants to ooze out of my left eye! I went to the pharmacy on my way home from work today to purchase my first ever "Migraine Pack", which, I might add, they keep in a secret bottom drawer... clearly this is where all the "good stuff" is kept! anyway, upon arrival at home, I took a long shower and prepared myself to take aforementioned migraine pack, but as this makes one drowsy, I chose to wait until after kids bedtime. Well, now that the time is here, it appears that the migraine has chickened out and left for the day. Let's hope it's not planning on returning any time soon. It really is very inconsiderate!
Right, that's my rant over! (for now!)
The other thing i'm running short of is time. I try to get up every morning at 4:15 to go to gym until 5:45 so in order to wake up this blinking early, I need to go to bed fairly early, which is now! It's 9:26 and I think I should keep you in anticipation until another day.
Have a FABULOUS day!!!