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We each have our own blog but share the link... "On Traq" is Quinton's and Trace Angel is... Tracey's!!! We are parents of 3 lively kids who provide hours of entertainment and anecdotes. Quinton owns Samtraq Motor World which is a mechanical workshop in Waterfall, and Tracey spends most of her time languishing beside a river in Egypt!! Actually, Tracey works at Hillcrest Toyota as Receptionist and after hours is a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's in a mane???

my hubby has always wanted long hair. Since he's known me, i've had long hair. He sometimes gets a bee in his bonnet and decides to grow his hair. This is always short lived as patience is not one of his better virtues. Recently the Verster household has seen 3 haircuts out of 5. This may seem like a regular occurance, but.... Sebastian REFUSES to let me cut his hair as he HATES having a shower. Can't stand the feeling of the water over his face, so his hair was left to grow. Last week I randomly asked him if I could cut his hair and he said yes. Well, in my pj's the clippers came out and the hair was off.

Then, all inspired, (and, me thinks, a wee tad irritated) Quinton requested I relinquish him of his locks.

Last weekend was our annual "Ladies weekend away". We went to Southport (a stunning village on our beautiful southcoast) and my sister sponsored me a haircut. I had had more than enough of my long hair, it had become unruly, split and in horrid condition, so to chop half of it off was no big deal. Just have to learn how to blow dry it now!!!!