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We each have our own blog but share the link... "On Traq" is Quinton's and Trace Angel is... Tracey's!!! We are parents of 3 lively kids who provide hours of entertainment and anecdotes. Quinton owns Samtraq Motor World which is a mechanical workshop in Waterfall, and Tracey spends most of her time languishing beside a river in Egypt!! Actually, Tracey works at Hillcrest Toyota as Receptionist and after hours is a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pick 'n Mix

I have one follower... ONE!!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Thanks Janie... My avid supporter!

Right... So much has happened (again)... Jane, Heather & I did the Forest Hills 10k. We finished, not quite the time I aimed to achieve, but then not training properly for the preceeding 4 weeks didn't help much. Next year... (if Heather doesn't kill me before hand.) Oh, and all we get this year was a wrist money pounch thingie and a packet of cereal! WHAT???? At least last year we got a t-shirt... I'm writing to the committee.... heheee.

Sydney and Miley (yay I won on the name) are inseperable. They sleep together, completely cuddled. It's too adorable. I get yelled at should I smack the puppy for piddling on the carpet. But she really is a cute little thing. Mojo's still not her biggest fan, maybe one day? It's been really really cold these last few nights so Sydney's idea of a doggy jersey is one of her old doll's jersey's! The funniest is that Miley didn't mind in the least! Perfect pair those two!

The kids are at home today. Another strike. This happened about 2 or 3 years ago. Very frustrating and I feel extremely sorry for the kids about to write their trials in 3 or so weeks time. I hope it's resolved soon. In the meantime, my offspring think this is early Christmas!!

I've finally relented... I've booked for Sydney to have her hair cut on the 28th August. This is big. I'm going to try keep it as long as possible, but layer it from the shoulders down. It's so long and SO thick, we argue every morning about brushing it and the result is almost always tears. Hers & mine.

Oh.... just realise I haven't spoken much about the boys. Got their reports two weeks ago - delayed from Term 2. Sebastian had an AWESOME report, excells in everything, (oBviously), I was so pleased at the teacher's comment that when he's finished all his work, he's found in the reading corner engrossed in a book. :-) Proud Mommy.
Sam also had an excellent report. Most his marks increased, the least amount being by 6% and the most, Life Orientation, was by a whopping 37%. I'm very very proud of my boy, just needs to brush up on his Afrikaans (dis pa se afdeling) and Zulu (eibo!) His aggregate improved by 12%. His teacher, the HOD and obviously HRH & I are so proud of him. CLEARLY moving out of LEAP was the right decision.

OOH, THE VERY BIG NEWS.... SamTraQ Motor World (very sadly) is no more. Quin closed doors on the 31 July. He then spent the next week or so bringing EVERYTHING home. Neither he nor I imagined there was THAT MUCH STUFF!!! The double garage - FULL, the kitchen - FULL, the bar area - FULL, the tiny office - FULL, the yard (front, sides & back) - FULL. Holey moley, it looks shocking, but I am pleased to report that as of last night the kids could eat breakfast at their table in the kitchen and we can walk in, through and around the garage. It is packed. Now for the rest of the place. HRH starts back at Wearcheck Africa on the 1st September, only 3 weeks away, so that's exciting. Can't believe it all happened over 4 months ago and now it's almost here. And there was the FIFA World Cup thrown in the middle. All seems a distant memory. (fade to curtain close.....)