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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Up?

My word where has the year gone?

My youngest has just finished his last year at a PHENOMENAL pre-primary called The Humpty Dumpty Squad, and is more than ready for next year. In fact, he is rather upset as the other two still have one week of school (ending this Friday) and he has to sit at home by himself (oh shame, gets to watch HIS dvd's and play Xbox whenever he wants!!!) Poor lamb! He had his Nativity play on the 20th November and starred as Joseph and his best girl friend, Eden, starred as Mary. A gorgeous couple!! Lucky he has me as his mom as his singing was the loudest and his speaking role was loud and clear!!! Our proudest moment as parents came when he was handed a piece of paper, which he then read. It wasn’t just a sentence or two, it was a LOT!!! Took about two minutes, which in 5-year-old reading terms is a long time. The comments from other parents were enough to make us burst with pride, in fact, HRH & I shed a tear or two. They couldn’t believe he could read so beautifully and that all their kids could speak Afrikaans and Zulu (2 of our 11 official languages!!)

The next day was my eldest’s 10th birthday. We woke him up bright and early, as we do on a birthday, with singing and gifts. He was given a Bionicle, which is a Lego monster/robot thingie, a book on the Universe and how it was created, all the stars and planets, very interesting. And then the Lara Croft Tomb Raider Xbox game, (have to wonder in retrospect if that was for Sam or HRH???). He was also given a book on science experiments from a friend and has used up a fair amount of eggs and vinegar trying to make it bounce????? It’s hard to believe that “just the other day” he was this tiny little thing staring back at me as we greeted each other for the first time. He’s very excited as he’s already up to my nose in height. Should he continue at his current growth rate, he should be taller than me in all of two years time!!! Granted I’m not the tallest person around but hey… he’ll only be 12!!!! Yesterday they had the Grade 4 & 5 Prize Giving and Sam’s best friend, Zane Ford, received an award for the Most Generous and Kindest Boy in Grade 4. How awesome is that!!! Sam was very proud of his friend.

Then there’s the Princess… She’s just the same. Life passes by and she flits through it like a butterfly with not a care in the world. She was cast as an ELEPHANT (!) in her nativity play. Mom was horrified to say the least! But Sydney was not fazed. I got her all made up with silver glitter, very blingalicious! And she plodded onto stage with the rest of Grade 1 & 2 and did her thing. Sang and danced to her little hearts content. Oblivious to the 500 odd audience! Where does an elephant fit into the nativity you ask… as there were 297 pupils to accommodate, they did the whole creation thing (moon, stars, earth and ANIMALS) just before getting into the Nativity itself. Today she has her class pool party and is leaping with excitement. By the time I got home at 5:45, she’d had breakfast, was dressed, hair done, teeth brushed and bag packed!!!! I think we adults really ought to take a page out of a child’s book and get more joy for the simpler things in life.

In keeping with that, you should see them Christmas Eve!!!! Oh my word!!!! Father Christmas has a very hard time getting down the chimney as they take FOREVER to fall asleep. They’ve written their letters to him and requested all kinds of things, Sebastian has only one request… an Optimus Prime toy! They are R850!!!! For a toy truck!!! Sure it can transform but for that price it better make the bed and cook too!!!

Tomorrow night is our Christmas Party and we’re off to the Heritage Theatre. It’s similar to Barnyard with a show and food and the show is Party Time! YEAH!!!! Really looking forward to it. Planning on shaking what my mamma gave me!!! 

On Saturday passed a few of the ladies I work with went to Leanne’s (work with her too) house for a Christmas luncheon and let our hair down. It was such fun; even though the weather didn’t play the game we still jacuzzied!!! Want to get me one of those!!! All in all we had such fun, laughed til our sides hurt, threw our names away and laughed some more!

On a very much sadder note, on Monday 7th December at around 1:45, our beloved dog, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, passed on to the great gig in the sky. He would have been 16 next month and while people think “he’s just a dog”, Quin & I bought him when he was only 4 weeks old. He was our first dog together and for the first 6 years, our child. He was a devoted animal, protected me many a time, provided hours of laughter with his “singing” and although not a purebred staffie, had the heart of a lion. Return in Peace my boy. I will always remember you with great love and fond memories.