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We each have our own blog but share the link... "On Traq" is Quinton's and Trace Angel is... Tracey's!!! We are parents of 3 lively kids who provide hours of entertainment and anecdotes. Quinton owns Samtraq Motor World which is a mechanical workshop in Waterfall, and Tracey spends most of her time languishing beside a river in Egypt!! Actually, Tracey works at Hillcrest Toyota as Receptionist and after hours is a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's in a mane???

my hubby has always wanted long hair. Since he's known me, i've had long hair. He sometimes gets a bee in his bonnet and decides to grow his hair. This is always short lived as patience is not one of his better virtues. Recently the Verster household has seen 3 haircuts out of 5. This may seem like a regular occurance, but.... Sebastian REFUSES to let me cut his hair as he HATES having a shower. Can't stand the feeling of the water over his face, so his hair was left to grow. Last week I randomly asked him if I could cut his hair and he said yes. Well, in my pj's the clippers came out and the hair was off.

Then, all inspired, (and, me thinks, a wee tad irritated) Quinton requested I relinquish him of his locks.

Last weekend was our annual "Ladies weekend away". We went to Southport (a stunning village on our beautiful southcoast) and my sister sponsored me a haircut. I had had more than enough of my long hair, it had become unruly, split and in horrid condition, so to chop half of it off was no big deal. Just have to learn how to blow dry it now!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's in a name?

Here I sit, (still in pj's!) and as I gaze out my window, I see that it's another glorious sunny day and I ask myself, are we the only place on this planet with the most AWESOME winter weather???
I have a strict rule in my house that there is no name calling. "Stupid, idiot & (thanks to Ice-Age 2) miscreant" are no-no's along with any swear words (obviously). I really ought to practice what I preach as on Sunday morning I called Sebastian a "twit" (meant truly as an endearment). Well he spun around and said "Mom! don't call me a twit, that's like saying the f-word!!!" The look on his face was sooo serious that all I could do was pick him up and give him the biggest sqwudge.
Sydney has spent the better part of Sunday and yesterday with a runny nose and hectic coughing so I kept her at home yesterday. This morning she was up at 5:45 and promptly tells me she's all better. This may have something to do with the fact that she's off to play at a friend this afternoon (Warren). He is her new best friend (sorry Travis). Goes BLOOD RED when i say he's her "boyfriend" but meaning that he's her "friend" and he's a "boy". Nonetheless bags were packed, Sydney dressed, hair & teeth brushed all by 6:30. Have fun Boo.
Today I have decided that Quinton (my dearest husband) can do without me at the "office" haha, and I'm going to "declutter" the house. This is NOT something that can be done in one morning, for two reasons. 1. Bad for Feng Shui (too much change in one moment is disturbing to the elements of the house) and 2. We have that much clutter and cr@p all over the show. So I shall continue with my bedroom and hopefully make it to my bathroom. Should I achieve this today.... HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!
So off i go, wish me well and have a super day...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fish & Chips...

So there I was, minding my own business, cooking Friday night Fish and Chips, when it hit me like a wet fish.... it's Friday and it's a week since I last put something on my blog! This is not good and I profusely apologise to all my readers (Jane, at this stage, i think that's just you!!!) haha.
I do have an excuse however. I've had a headcold. It started last Saturday night and by Sunday I was a sniffling-snuffling-feel-sorry-for-me lady. My dear husband, (remember, the blog dedicated "SOULY" for him is coming....) made me stay in bed only surfacing for breakfast of scrambly eggs and bacon (my request), dinner (for me) was a mixed fruit smoothie decorated with kiwi-fruit and strawberry slivers. He cooked breakies, lunch & dinner, played with the kids, cleaned up and even washed dishes. Gotta love him. Thanks babe.
Other happenings... my driver's licence is somewhat expired, slightly... ok, ok, by 5 months!!! Anyway, finally on Thursday morning my dear friend Heather and I braved the Marianhill Licencing department to renew the licences (her's hasn't yet reached expiration!) I was truly expecting a LOOOOONG saga, HEAVY penalties and an all morning tedious process. We arrived at 8:30 and were out by 8:45, and only because we waited in the queue before realising we had to have fingerprints and the eye exam first! (the queue, by the way, had 4 people in it!) I had no penalties (unless she forgot to charge me! shhhhh!) R165 for the renewal and R60 for the temporary licence. I'M LEGAL AGAIN.... yay. Sorry Chantel, this means I can drive next weekend for our ladies weekend away. (keep posted for THAT blog...it may or may not be censored for sensitive readers???!!)
Until next time... happy days...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost the plot???

Yesterday at 3pm the power went off. Whilst to most this seems like a truly uneventful occurance, to me and mine, pandemonium and chaos reigns supreme! Well only the last hour at least. It started to get dark around 5ish (aided by the miserable day). Luckily I had already cooked a huge pot of veggie soup the night before so all I had to do was warm it up. EASY, you'd think as I have a gas stove. Well guess what??? When the flippin stove needs electricity to start it and there isn't a match or lighter in the entire house, it's just not so simple!!!! (I ask myself, was there any need to stop smoking 3 months ago???) So off we go to the nearest garage (me and all 3 offspring) just to buy a box of matches. 70cents. (not too bad but the other day they were around 20 cents!! gotta love inflation!) So home again and dinner crisis averted!
Now comes the fun....
The kids decide to close all the curtains so they can play "hide & seek in the dark". This seemingly age-old game played by me and probably my forefathers has been upgraded by my kids! You need to constantly slam doors and scream at around 200 decibels in order to make maximum effect of hiding! My daughter was giving a pair of reebok takkies (sneakers) with flashy lights on the heels so she decides that this will be her torch. The boys think this idea sucks. So she's removed from the game. In tears (obviously) she comes to me so that I may restore the order (???) Oh, and I might just add that in my ENTIRE house I have 1 candle which i have now broken in two so that there's 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the lounge! my dearly beloved husband has taken what we had to work to light in his Feng Shui bowl (this is a whole other blog) .
6pm SHARP, the lights came back on. (gotta wonder if that wasn't a wee loadshed???)
And with the lights so came the calm. HOW BIZARRE (well not really in this house, anything is possible!)
Pandemonium not over! (sorry) Aforementioned veggie soup now served and 2 little people start sobbing. "I can't like this!" (yes that's verbatim!) I decide well screw it, they can starve if they're not going to eat this! Daddy to the rescue! He gives the youngest a spoonful, who has tears STREAMING down his little face and his sobbing quite uncontrollably that he REALLY doesn't like this, and the transformation on the face is unbelievable. INSTANT smile and says, "hmmm. this is nice, i like it" at which point i pipe up that an apology would be nice. I got it!
He then turns to Sydney, who is still sobbing and snotting and says that she really must eat it "cos it's delishis!!!" Just for the record, all the soup was finished. MOM 1, KIDS 0.
have a fabulous day...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not always just black and white...

so here i am, a week after starting my blog (which i proudly emailed EVERYONE i know and told...) and i have NO clue what to say!!
Last night my daughter was telling me about a little girl in her class who has no hair, after a few questions, it was revealed that this little girl was not "black" as we more often than not refer to african's, but brown. i then asked her what colour we (as "whites") were, to which she replied with no hesitation, "PEACH!" Isn't it refreshing to see that kids really do see things differently. I was raised in the old south africa (gasp!) and whites were very much white, and blacks were very much black! both colours accepted that (or so i thought, bearing in mind i was just a child who didn't have ANY political clue!) I don't believe kids have any need worrying about the colour lines and politics. My kids have friends of all colours (apparently my 4yr old has a green friend too!) If only everyone got over themselves and MOVED ON....
I digress...
How come teachers see one child and we get another after school? Is there some sort of button that the "secret teachers association" only knows about whereby if you push this button, the kids become well-behaved and LISTEN! It's a complete conspiracy!!!! I actually bought R400 of homeopathic medicines on saturday because i thought my kids ears were blocked and therefore needed something to help clear this. we have nasal stuff, cough stuff, ear candles, multi-vitimins, plus plus plus... Turns out they just weren't listening to me! who woulda thunk!
Well, until next time, when hopefully I have something more entertaining and intelligent to say... fare thee well ogre... (courtesy of dreamworks and shrek!!!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Try Anything Once...

So here we are... the first insert of my very own blog... now what? I'm supposed to think of something intelligent (haha) and interesting (can be arranged) to write.
k, so i'm a mom of 3 fantastically energetic kids, Sam is 8, Sydney celebrated her 6th birthday last friday and Sebastian (undercover ruler of them all) is 4.
Last night we decided to take the kids to the movies, Kung Fu Panda. All very well in theory. I phone ahead to see what time the movie starts so that we don't have to spend too many torturious (sp????) minutes staring at the popcorn & slush puppie machine. We arrive early (this is what happens when you live 800m away from the only shopping centre in the village!). We sit staring at aforementioned popcorn & slush puppie machine! (hmmmm!) Eventually, after what seems an eternity (about 10 minutes in earth time) we queue to buy necessary edibles and head on into the dark theatre. This is the first time, hubby, self and all 3 have been to the movies together (shocking, I know!) We sit nearest the back as possible so that the running commentary from 6 & 4 year old do not disturb other movie goers. Well.... that wasn't the problem. Problem was that pretty much as soon as the trailers had finished, so was each child's coke! 6yr old... "Mom.... i need a wee!" so off we go. 10 minutes later... 4 yr old "Mom... i need a weeee!" so off we go. 20 minutes later... 6 yr old... "Mom... i need a weeeeeeee!' you kinda get the idea hey. so if anyone has Kung Fu Panda on dvd, please lend it to me as I have NO idea what happened!
But the kids were happy and that's what importants (i sound like my mom!)
Oh, must also mention... "sex & the city" was showing in the other cinema so my 8 yr old says to hubby, "dad, i can't watch that hey, it has sex in it. dad... what is sex? who started it?" after a few interesting replies from said dad, "can u do it for fun or is it just to make babies?"
Aah, the joys of children... (and the look on hubby's face was pretty priceless too!)
Well that's all for now. (i could be here all day with the antics of my offspring...) Perhaps i should get out of bed now, after all it is 8:40am! gotta love a laptop!