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Monday, January 5, 2009

New New New......

Well here I am! It's a new day, new month, new year! and after all the holiday food, i have a new body! what the hell???? My dear friend Jane has had this incredibly brave yet somewhat overenthusiastic idea that we're going to run the Spar Ladies 10km challenge in June. Every Sunday we meet and go for a 20min walk/run. So far we've clocked 2.2km! YAY! We are nowhere near our 10km mark! We've managed to coax another friend Heather into joining us. The problem, Jane and I are about 5foot 2 ish... Heather is 6 foot! I've counted... for every 3 steps she takes, i take 5! I'm being shmockled!!!! No worries! I've created myself a little planner for the year in which each week I WILL lose 200gms, yes, i know, not much, but i shall persevere. At least by the time i'm 35 I should look ok and by christmas i'll be better!!!
So... where was I??? Ah yes, the new year... Our New Years Eve party was possibly one of the best we've had in YEARS! (and Quinton and I have been together for YEARS!!! 16 in total, just entered our 17th together!)
I have to admit, I wasn't too keen to go out partying, was mildly relieved when my youngest broke out into what appeared to be mild German Measles on the 31st, but was reassured by EVERYONE that he's fine and the party shall continue! I managed to convince Quinton that we needed to eat before going out (to line the tummies) so we braai'd around 5pm. We only left home at about 7:45 (with the kids). We went to a friend's house where the kids played until they passed out, poor little Sqwudge (Sebastian) being first at around 9pm, then Sydney at about 10:30 and Sam bounced until 1:30am! but..... I got a call from my cousin informing me that he is now a manager at Harvey Wallbangerz (a cocktail bar) in Hillcrest which was approximately 800metres from where we were. hehe! We left our children with our friends at around 1am and went "clubbing" woohoo! Quin & I cut some SERIOUS rug!!! Dino & Mari (from the UK) showed me how it's done UK style (apparently i'm old!) anyway.... we left there around 3:45am, went back to Brents and then tried to drive a very drunk certain "owen wilson" wannabee home but he decided this was not to be and tried to jump out my car whilst moving! most unwise! so i took him back to Brent's house and told Quin to deal with it. As i'm not a drinker, I don't do drunk people very well and aforementioned "Owen Wilson" was becoming rather faulty! Apparently he walked home!
Then Dino, Mari, Quin & I loaded 3 sleeping children and headed home. By the time they were tucked in it was 4:15 and we had the munchies so we had a very late snack (or early?) Then some stjoopid being (oh wait, that was me!) decided that we may as well watch the sunrise seeing it was only 10 minutes away. So we sat there like 4 eedjits, in the mist waiting. It got light, the birds were chirping and it was still misty. Did I mention the mist????? CAN'T WATCH A SUNRISE IN THE MIST!!!!! When the hardy-daa (Ibis) started his mating call, we unanimously agreed that we'd seen enough and headed off to bed. I left breakfast and dvd's on the kitchen table for the kids (Sam's a superstar!) and crashed! My dear little daughter asked me around 11am if I planned on waking up any time soon! hahaha! So that was our new years party and man alive, it was a goodie!

Oh a very quick last thing...
Every day each of my 3 kids have their specific chores to do (nothing hectic)
It was Sebastian's day to set the dinner table and the conversation that ensued went like so...:
Mom: Sqwudge (his nickname), please set the table?
Sebastian: Mom, stop saying that!
Mom: Saying what?
Sebastian: That... setting the table.
Mom: Why?
Sebastian: 'Cos you're hurting my ears!
hmmm... must devise new tactic...

3 weeks later:

Mom: Sqwudge, please set the table?
Mom: Hey! don't agggg me!
Sebastian: I'm not agggggging you, i'm agggging me!

hmmmm!!! interesting child that!!! shall keep you posted with any new quips!

Kids all had a fabulous Christmas and are loving Dino being over. They're all in for a huge surprise this weekend, so i'm quite excited and will keep you updated.

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