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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some things should be completed immediately....

Sunday 31 May 2010 was the 85th Comrades Marathon and as my work is situated in the centre of Hillcrest on the route, a few of us and our families decided to do something here, so we set up skottles and did a breakfast thing. (I arrived too late, of course) but we put our chairs on the centre island and watched, cheered and clapped as all the courageous runners came past. Some looked as if they’d just started running around the corner, others looked as if they’d ever make the finish but I was in awe of all of them. I’ve only just taken on the sport of jogging, and, (reluctantly) have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying myself. If my old school bestie, Clair, had to see me now, she’d double over in hysterics! We mastered the art, in our last few years of high school, of feigning sever ailments to avoid ANY form of running, from the 100m to cross-country! We were PRO’s!!! I digress… I’ve recently begun running, about 5k’s 3 times a week and really enjoy it! *Gasp* My short term goal is to complete a 10k in July under 1 hour and with constant running (none of this sissy walking stuff!!!) BEAR IN MIND…. This is subject to change at management’s discretion and without notification… This morning I did my first NON-STOP 5k. I’m so proud of me!!!

Ah yes…. Winter…. On Sunday, at Comrades, we were standing in T-shirts and shorts, basking like lemmings in the sun. Even one of the commentators on TV mentioned (read bragged) that it’s the middle of winter and 25C in Durban… Well Monday came and someone let the Polar Bears out! It was 22 indoors, which may not sound cold, but with the wind howling, it made a HUGE difference.

My dear husband, hrh, is not well. He had man-flu which become real flu and he’s grumpier than a bear with a sore head. Last night was Sam’s Speech & Drama Festival, which is each class in Grade 4 & 5 get to do a small something on stage for about 8 minutes. Turns out this can end up being 1 ½ hours in total and with hrh being man down we decided that we’d stay for Sam to do his thing and then go. LUCKILY for us, his class was first. My dear friend Heather, who’s ALWAYS there for me no matter what, brought Sam home after. Sam was such a super star! Their play was lovely and I took more photo’s than necessary. Sydney had her festival a few weeks ago when it was a LOT warmer and she grinned like a little Cheshire throughout. Such a shy little nunu!!! 

On Monday hrh spent the day at home with his flu and when Sebastian came home he proudly grinned at daddy revealing a beautiful gap! His first tooth came out at school that morning. Today was school photo’s so I can’t wait to see the gappy grin, and for the first time the school is doing sibling sets so all three of mine are going to be in a photo! Yay!!!!

Two weeks ago, Grade 5 climbed onto 3 buses and headed off down the south coast to Sweetdale Camp for two nights *sniff* He came home battered and bruised, filthy and exhausted.

When I started typing this is was probably close on a month ago.... sorry.

But the upside is... more news.

Sebastian lost ANOTHER tooth, so now has both his bottom teeth missing! very very cute. Sydney and I had pink eye 3 weeks ago and spent most the week in bed watching chick flicks.
On Tuesday I scrolled through the gumtree classifieds, puppy section and saw jack russell pups for sale, so phoned hrh who then went to see. Awwww, he chose the runt who's a very very tiny little thing. She's Sydney's early birthday present, and she & Sydney are inseperable. They're very cute together. Sydney wants to name her Britney, I'm hoping to still persuade her into something more like Miley or Sophie.

And tonight... Quin's made Oxtail Potjie, and Dino's joining us.

So until I write again, fear not... rather just Wave Your Flag....

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