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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There's something about being a mom that no book can ever describe. I've recently had a few things which have jolted me into perspective about my role as "MOM".

I give 3 other children a lift to school each morning along with my own two eldest kids. My daughter is dropped off at the Junior Primary and a little bit down the road my son and the other 3 are dropped off at Senior Primary. Sometimes the boys walk down, which is great because a) they shouldn't be so lazy, and b) I don't have to park twice. One particular morning the boys decided to walk and as I gave loves and kisses to Sam, my oldest, the other's started walking off. Sam called out to them to wait and they promptly took off, running down the road to Senior Primary. My son slowly started making his way down and my heart tore into pieces. So I quickly kissed Sydney goodbye, sent her on her way and drove down after Sam. I caught up to him and as he saw me his whole face expressed more than his words and I saw a little quiver in his chin. I took him in and gave him the biggest hug. No words were spoken but Sam knew that I was there for him and I knew that he was hurt. I wanted to call those boys back and give them a piece of my mind but also didn't want to embarress Sam. I phoned my sister almost immediately and told her the whole story, to which she simply replied... "That's just the Mom in you". The next day I casually yet sternly told the boys (whilst in my car so they had no escape) that what they'd done really wasn't nice.

I have a thing between myself and the kids that we hold hands and gently squeeze 3 times, "I Love You", one squeeze per word. Sam squeezed this to me after this incident!

Then along came Mother's Day and HRH wanted to spoil me to a lovely day on the Midlands Meander. Whilst I would have thoroughly enjoyed this, I knew that the kids would have been bored to tears so we decided rather to treat them to the Zoo just outside Pmb. Never been there before and jeepers, can't understand why not. There is such a beautiful array of animals and they are all in such wonderful condition. The kids couldn't get enough fast enough. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did HRH & I. Then we headed off to Phezulu Safari Park for lunch and a visit to the crocs and snakes. They have the oldest known croc in captivity, his name is Junior, he's 104 years old and weighs a whopping 650kg's. HE'S HUGE!!!!!!!

Then we came home and watched good old James Bond Quantum of Solace and ate more junk!!! all in all, a great day. Oh, I've omitted that the kids each made me the sweetest cards with their own drawings and writing. Sam gave me a recipe book (which I'm still to try out!) Syd gave me a painted print of her hand with a poem and Seb gave me a little gold block with Happy Mother's Day attached. I feel so loved and special.

Sorry if this entry was a little soppy, i'm just being a mom!!!!

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