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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slithery things & sqwudges...

I don't mean to state the obvious but it is cold!!! Normally I'm quite capable of getting out of bed each morning but this morning... I had to extract myself from within the comfort and warmth of my duvet by promising myself a good cup of coffee as a reward. Upon my return to my bedroom with coffee for myself & HRH I found my youngest snuggling angelically behind his dad. When he saw me he jumped out and gave me the hugest sqwudge ever. (A sqwudge is not just a hug, legs are wrapped around the recipients waist, arms are wrapped around the neck and the biggest squeeze hug is given.) Sebastian is the sqwudge Master!!! He always laughs afterwards claiming that he's almost sqwudged all my jelly out. (Mom's are made of wood, plasticine and jelly; and then a sprinkled with some magic from God - according to my three).
It's only April. What's going to happen in July???? Perhaps I'm just being a huge ninny, perhaps I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it and perhaps they'll keep me warm!!

On Thursday when I got home from work, as usual I asked the kids how their day was. Sam said "MOM... Absolutely FANTASTIC". Hmmmmmm. What's he done now??? So I asked him "What?" "Mom, please can we keep it" "What?" "Don't want to tell you 'cos you're going to make us take it out" oh my god, i think... this isn't going to be pleasant... "Just show me Sam, and I'll take it from there". In one of my biggest tupperware containers is a whole lot of grass, a dish of water, a toy porsche car, a few sticks, and a little slithery thing which they've already named "Strikey" GREAT!!!!! Right, firstly, let's get this thing identified, so off myself and 3 kids go across the road to my neighbour Kevin who is brilliant at this sort of thing. Oh lovely he declares, it's a 3 day old Herald. Not a Red-lipped, just a plain Herald. Completely harmless. Ok, this I can handle. What then crosses my mind is that if he's only 3 days old, WHERE'S MOM???? and she doesn't just lay one egg...
Kevin kindly lends us a glass tank to put Strikey in and informs us that he eats baby gecko's and baby frogs. Guess who spent thursday night searching for bloody gecko's???? On Sunday morning Quinton and the kids decided that Strikey would probably enjoy his life more if he was allowed to catch his own food and slither freely so they released him.

Right, I'm now off to warm myself up somehow...???

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Sooze said...

uugghh!! Glad its out of the house but what happens if Strikey comes back to visit and brings his family with?....
Its getting pretty cold here too.. have you heard of these new things called heaters?