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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assisted Suicide??

There comes a time in one’s life when murder seems justified! Today was my turn and anyone living in the current South Africa will relate.

Today I had the “pleasure” of phoning Ethekwini Municipality. All I need is my water to be reconnected. I make the call…. Listen to their garble and select the correct division…. Then listen to Michael Buble, after a while I think to myself, this is a nice album, perhaps I should buy it… after all I have just reviewed 28 minutes of it… oh hang on… a person…. Right… I state my position, account number, ID, address, DNA, etc., and get told that she can’t help me today unless I send her a fax. I can’t as HRH has relevant doc with him at his faxless work, and she hasn’t the authority to tie up the reference number I give her to the payment … she puts me on hold. Another 17 minutes of scintillating Michael Buble, can’t help but rethink my intended album purchase, and I’m back at the same lady. She can’t help me today. Click, boooooop, boooooop, boooooop, she just hung up on me! I can’t help but get a wee bit angry. I phone back (perhaps this was a HUGE fault on my side) Yay… more Michael Buble, he’s sounding less and less appealing. Wow, talk about speedy service… only had to wait 16 minutes this time. Hey, new chick. Try this again, account number, ID, address, etc., sorry Ma’am, unless you can fax payment through I can’t help you today. You’ll have to phone again tomorrow. Click… boooooop boooooop, boooooop. WHAT!!!!! I phone HRH, FREAK OUT; he calmly does his thing and hangs up. Anyway, after that rant, I feel our local municipality requires a swift kick in the jacksie! Looks like I’m showering at gym again! Swines!!!!

Oh…. And yesterday was a murderously HOT day, my brother recorded 41 at his work in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, so around 4, in truly awesome SA style, a storm brewed. We had the wind, the clouds and not a single drop of rain. Did I mention the wind???? So our storm turned into a dust storm but it also blew the electricity in Waterfall 1, 2 & 3, Crestholme and Forest Hills from around 5:30 to sometime early this morning. Villa Verster had no electricity, no water and not even a candle!!! I had to drive to the local supermarket just to get a packet of candles and a box of matches. Aaaargh!!

This morning I arrive at work and, as I do every day, look for my make up bag to adjourn to the bathroom to make acceptable, and discover that my makeup bag is gone. I search my desk & surrounds, my car, phone home, no joy. Oh cr@p, the kids have paper recycling day today and suddenly I have this vague recollection of throwing my bag into the box with all the paper which was then tipped into packets and taken to school. So I phone the school office, state my dilemma, wait… is that sniggering I hear…. Yip, the distinct sound of muffled laughter… they phone back, nope, not in Sam’s bag, transfer me to Junior Primary, state my dilemma, listen to muffled, actually this time it’s not muffled, it’s just openly out there… Loud!!! She buzzes Sydney’s class, states my dilemma, now the whole class chuckles, and after a brief search, no luck! So now I’ve spent my day makeup-less!

In a few minutes I’m going to be heading home, doing my momly duties, loading this blog and soaking in a hot bath with a nice glass of red… haha, spot the not!!!!

“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”

PS... am home, had 2 glasses of my weakness, kids are sleeping and I'm ready for the chick-flick!!! All better... :-)

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Vanessa Davies said...

At least you're lovely enough to get away with a make-up-less day ... if I even TRY that everyone asks if I'm okay, because ".. you look REALLY ill, hey .."