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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bunnies, Bruises & Boulders (in no particular order...)

On Wednesday night my husband (god bless his soul) "worked late". At 9:08pm I received a call from him saying that he'd had a little prang (South African for mild car accident). Deep breath, keep calm... "Are you ok?" "Yes" "Is the car ok?" "not really" "how bad is it?" "it's bad" "can you drive home?" "Oh hell no, xxx is coming to tow me" "what happened?" "I hit a rock, I think" grrrrrr i think. HRH arrives around 10pm with "pranged" vehicle in tow. Although it seems ok to the eye, one must take into account that it's a 1994 Audi S4 Quattro. a) It's old, b) It's imported therefore UNinsured, c) there's only 14 in the country (and now 13 on the roads!!) and finally d) it's a bloody solid hunk of steel. It now resembles a Mustang! What angers me is that in order to dent the car as much as it is... HRH must have been going fairly fast! AND.... he'd put new shocks & headlights on that very day... He has told the spares shop where he bought the shocks from that he wants a refund as they didn't work. They guys didn't believe him and had a good laugh! Anyway, I must admit that I'm most greatful that HRH is unscathed (by anything other than me!)

Thursday night we had a work team build which this time was Action Cricket. This I can do... I used to play YEARS ago (like 9ish years ago!!!). I woke up on Thursday morning with a gentle throb behind my left eye. this is never a good sign. By 9am I phoned HRH to fetch me. FULL BLOWN MIGRAINE. Is there any need???? Quin rushed to fetch me (don't quite know what work must think????) He brought me home, I undressed and slept. He came back later and took me to the chiropractor (I swear by him) and then home again where i slept again... (and took some genpayne) I woke up around 3pm feeling like a squillion bucks. Quin took me back to work (bearing in mind I'd left my car there). work really must think i'm nuts!!! The whole cricket thing was Used cars (Calcutta Knights) vs New cars (Rajasthan Royals). I elected to be a designated driver as I strongly disapprove of drinking and driving. I was given a Merc Vito to drive (I WANT ONE!!!) anyway, off to Durban north we went. We batted first and my partner & I were 3rd to bat. As I was standing there waiting for my boss to bowl to me, life turned to slow motion and I watched him do the full over arm professional bowling thing... My reaction time is slow motion really isn't very good as I watched the ball gently THWACK me on my upper inner thigh!!!! It's about a 10cm away from my woohoo! Anyway, the Calcutta Knights batted to our hearts content, ran like bats out of hell and got our asses WHIPPED!!! Final score 148ish to 67ish!! Then we went upstairs where our PR lady had laid out an awesome spread for us to make burgers. We had such a blast. Ended up leaving there around 11 and hit Durban! I now had 3 passengers (all slightly inebriated) all trying to change the music and all trying to give me directions. All in all, great fun!!!! I eventually got home around 2:30am, ate Quin's left over's and chatted to him for a while and crashed. Upon inspection the next morning, I have a bruise the size of a small country on my leg! I have taken photo's and will add when i down load them!!!
We also celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday but because I was absent, we postponed it to Friday!!! (Quin's so understanding!!!)

Yesterday was Easter... The kids woke us up a little after stupid'o'clock to go egg hunting. Sebastian and Sydney were both very worried that our dog, Mojo, had eaten the Easter bunny as they'd heard the dogs barking a lot during the night!!! Anyway, being the good mom I am, I insisted they have breakfast first while Dad went outside to see what it was the dogs had been barking at!! To the children's delight the bunny had NOT been eaten by Harley and Mojo and had left a wonderful trail of eggs all around the garden. The children also listen to me beautifully and have given me all their eggs in their own packets for me to look after (this is also so that they don't scoff the whole lot in one go and get sore tummies!)

All we've done this long weekend is watch DVD's (Bucket List is AWESOME), eaten, and generally mooched on the couch!!! AWESOME.....

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