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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not always just black and white...

so here i am, a week after starting my blog (which i proudly emailed EVERYONE i know and told...) and i have NO clue what to say!!
Last night my daughter was telling me about a little girl in her class who has no hair, after a few questions, it was revealed that this little girl was not "black" as we more often than not refer to african's, but brown. i then asked her what colour we (as "whites") were, to which she replied with no hesitation, "PEACH!" Isn't it refreshing to see that kids really do see things differently. I was raised in the old south africa (gasp!) and whites were very much white, and blacks were very much black! both colours accepted that (or so i thought, bearing in mind i was just a child who didn't have ANY political clue!) I don't believe kids have any need worrying about the colour lines and politics. My kids have friends of all colours (apparently my 4yr old has a green friend too!) If only everyone got over themselves and MOVED ON....
I digress...
How come teachers see one child and we get another after school? Is there some sort of button that the "secret teachers association" only knows about whereby if you push this button, the kids become well-behaved and LISTEN! It's a complete conspiracy!!!! I actually bought R400 of homeopathic medicines on saturday because i thought my kids ears were blocked and therefore needed something to help clear this. we have nasal stuff, cough stuff, ear candles, multi-vitimins, plus plus plus... Turns out they just weren't listening to me! who woulda thunk!
Well, until next time, when hopefully I have something more entertaining and intelligent to say... fare thee well ogre... (courtesy of dreamworks and shrek!!!)

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