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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fish & Chips...

So there I was, minding my own business, cooking Friday night Fish and Chips, when it hit me like a wet fish.... it's Friday and it's a week since I last put something on my blog! This is not good and I profusely apologise to all my readers (Jane, at this stage, i think that's just you!!!) haha.
I do have an excuse however. I've had a headcold. It started last Saturday night and by Sunday I was a sniffling-snuffling-feel-sorry-for-me lady. My dear husband, (remember, the blog dedicated "SOULY" for him is coming....) made me stay in bed only surfacing for breakfast of scrambly eggs and bacon (my request), dinner (for me) was a mixed fruit smoothie decorated with kiwi-fruit and strawberry slivers. He cooked breakies, lunch & dinner, played with the kids, cleaned up and even washed dishes. Gotta love him. Thanks babe.
Other happenings... my driver's licence is somewhat expired, slightly... ok, ok, by 5 months!!! Anyway, finally on Thursday morning my dear friend Heather and I braved the Marianhill Licencing department to renew the licences (her's hasn't yet reached expiration!) I was truly expecting a LOOOOONG saga, HEAVY penalties and an all morning tedious process. We arrived at 8:30 and were out by 8:45, and only because we waited in the queue before realising we had to have fingerprints and the eye exam first! (the queue, by the way, had 4 people in it!) I had no penalties (unless she forgot to charge me! shhhhh!) R165 for the renewal and R60 for the temporary licence. I'M LEGAL AGAIN.... yay. Sorry Chantel, this means I can drive next weekend for our ladies weekend away. (keep posted for THAT blog...it may or may not be censored for sensitive readers???!!)
Until next time... happy days...

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Mom de Plume said...

Hmmm, that sounds delicious! Q really has his moments of stardom doesn't he!