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Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost the plot???

Yesterday at 3pm the power went off. Whilst to most this seems like a truly uneventful occurance, to me and mine, pandemonium and chaos reigns supreme! Well only the last hour at least. It started to get dark around 5ish (aided by the miserable day). Luckily I had already cooked a huge pot of veggie soup the night before so all I had to do was warm it up. EASY, you'd think as I have a gas stove. Well guess what??? When the flippin stove needs electricity to start it and there isn't a match or lighter in the entire house, it's just not so simple!!!! (I ask myself, was there any need to stop smoking 3 months ago???) So off we go to the nearest garage (me and all 3 offspring) just to buy a box of matches. 70cents. (not too bad but the other day they were around 20 cents!! gotta love inflation!) So home again and dinner crisis averted!
Now comes the fun....
The kids decide to close all the curtains so they can play "hide & seek in the dark". This seemingly age-old game played by me and probably my forefathers has been upgraded by my kids! You need to constantly slam doors and scream at around 200 decibels in order to make maximum effect of hiding! My daughter was giving a pair of reebok takkies (sneakers) with flashy lights on the heels so she decides that this will be her torch. The boys think this idea sucks. So she's removed from the game. In tears (obviously) she comes to me so that I may restore the order (???) Oh, and I might just add that in my ENTIRE house I have 1 candle which i have now broken in two so that there's 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the lounge! my dearly beloved husband has taken what we had to work to light in his Feng Shui bowl (this is a whole other blog) .
6pm SHARP, the lights came back on. (gotta wonder if that wasn't a wee loadshed???)
And with the lights so came the calm. HOW BIZARRE (well not really in this house, anything is possible!)
Pandemonium not over! (sorry) Aforementioned veggie soup now served and 2 little people start sobbing. "I can't like this!" (yes that's verbatim!) I decide well screw it, they can starve if they're not going to eat this! Daddy to the rescue! He gives the youngest a spoonful, who has tears STREAMING down his little face and his sobbing quite uncontrollably that he REALLY doesn't like this, and the transformation on the face is unbelievable. INSTANT smile and says, "hmmm. this is nice, i like it" at which point i pipe up that an apology would be nice. I got it!
He then turns to Sydney, who is still sobbing and snotting and says that she really must eat it "cos it's delishis!!!" Just for the record, all the soup was finished. MOM 1, KIDS 0.
have a fabulous day...


Mom de Plume said...

So another average day in the Verster household then?? Sounds like fun was had by all and really, as they liked the veggie soup you won hands down at the end of the day. ;D

Mom de Plume said...

Oh, and is there a neeeeeed for surreptitious load shedding!!!!

Tracey said...

ABSOLUTELY NONE WHATSOEVER (the load shedding that is)