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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Try Anything Once...

So here we are... the first insert of my very own blog... now what? I'm supposed to think of something intelligent (haha) and interesting (can be arranged) to write.
k, so i'm a mom of 3 fantastically energetic kids, Sam is 8, Sydney celebrated her 6th birthday last friday and Sebastian (undercover ruler of them all) is 4.
Last night we decided to take the kids to the movies, Kung Fu Panda. All very well in theory. I phone ahead to see what time the movie starts so that we don't have to spend too many torturious (sp????) minutes staring at the popcorn & slush puppie machine. We arrive early (this is what happens when you live 800m away from the only shopping centre in the village!). We sit staring at aforementioned popcorn & slush puppie machine! (hmmmm!) Eventually, after what seems an eternity (about 10 minutes in earth time) we queue to buy necessary edibles and head on into the dark theatre. This is the first time, hubby, self and all 3 have been to the movies together (shocking, I know!) We sit nearest the back as possible so that the running commentary from 6 & 4 year old do not disturb other movie goers. Well.... that wasn't the problem. Problem was that pretty much as soon as the trailers had finished, so was each child's coke! 6yr old... "Mom.... i need a wee!" so off we go. 10 minutes later... 4 yr old "Mom... i need a weeee!" so off we go. 20 minutes later... 6 yr old... "Mom... i need a weeeeeeee!' you kinda get the idea hey. so if anyone has Kung Fu Panda on dvd, please lend it to me as I have NO idea what happened!
But the kids were happy and that's what importants (i sound like my mom!)
Oh, must also mention... "sex & the city" was showing in the other cinema so my 8 yr old says to hubby, "dad, i can't watch that hey, it has sex in it. dad... what is sex? who started it?" after a few interesting replies from said dad, "can u do it for fun or is it just to make babies?"
Aah, the joys of children... (and the look on hubby's face was pretty priceless too!)
Well that's all for now. (i could be here all day with the antics of my offspring...) Perhaps i should get out of bed now, after all it is 8:40am! gotta love a laptop!

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Mom de Plume said...

Ha ha brilliant! Sounds like an ...ah...interesting trip to the movies! Popping round for tea so put the kettle on...