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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's in a name?

Here I sit, (still in pj's!) and as I gaze out my window, I see that it's another glorious sunny day and I ask myself, are we the only place on this planet with the most AWESOME winter weather???
I have a strict rule in my house that there is no name calling. "Stupid, idiot & (thanks to Ice-Age 2) miscreant" are no-no's along with any swear words (obviously). I really ought to practice what I preach as on Sunday morning I called Sebastian a "twit" (meant truly as an endearment). Well he spun around and said "Mom! don't call me a twit, that's like saying the f-word!!!" The look on his face was sooo serious that all I could do was pick him up and give him the biggest sqwudge.
Sydney has spent the better part of Sunday and yesterday with a runny nose and hectic coughing so I kept her at home yesterday. This morning she was up at 5:45 and promptly tells me she's all better. This may have something to do with the fact that she's off to play at a friend this afternoon (Warren). He is her new best friend (sorry Travis). Goes BLOOD RED when i say he's her "boyfriend" but meaning that he's her "friend" and he's a "boy". Nonetheless bags were packed, Sydney dressed, hair & teeth brushed all by 6:30. Have fun Boo.
Today I have decided that Quinton (my dearest husband) can do without me at the "office" haha, and I'm going to "declutter" the house. This is NOT something that can be done in one morning, for two reasons. 1. Bad for Feng Shui (too much change in one moment is disturbing to the elements of the house) and 2. We have that much clutter and cr@p all over the show. So I shall continue with my bedroom and hopefully make it to my bathroom. Should I achieve this today.... HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!
So off i go, wish me well and have a super day...

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